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Getting Support:

Support for MyBowlingDiary is available via email or online chat.

Email: Send email to Please include your MyBowlingDiary serial number as well as a description of the issue you are having.

Live chat (hours vary): Available via Windows Messenger (add to your contact list) or Yahoo! Messenger (add mybowlingdiary to your contact list).


User guides and installation guides are available online at no extra charge. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for these files. You can get a free copy of the reader at Click on one of the links below for your desired manual:

MyBowlingDiary 2.0 User Guide

Installation Guide


Registering your copy of MyBowlingDiary is easy and takes only a couple of minutes. Click here to register your copy or follow the link below.

Reported Issues

12-29-2005: Problems have been reported with the Active Sync 4.0 functionality with the Pocket PC. MyBowlingDiary 2.0 is not currently supported on Windows Mobile Version 5 or Active Sync 4.0. This issue should be resolved in January or February 2006. We regret any inconvenience. Users should contact with any questions.

If you are using Windows Mobile 2002 or 2003, you should use Active Sync 3.7 or 3.8.

12-22-2005: MyBowlingDiary 2.0.5 is released. Current customers and users with a current evaluation license are entitled to upgrade free of charge. The update can be downloaded by clicking here. Information on the upgrade package and enhancements can be obtained here.

Affected version: v2.0.2H (Handheld)

Issue: When editing events, games associated with the events will start with a game number of 0 and not show a starting lane.

Resolution: This has been fixed and an updated version is available for download. Please contact with your product serial number.

9-1-2005: As you may know, your copy of MyBowlingDiary was shipped with a serial number which is used for tracking and support purposes. We will be soon implementing a change to MyBowlingDiary where all customers will be required to activate their copy of MyBowlingDiary with a license key. You will be provided with this license key at no cost to you. This change is being made help streamline our product support infrastructure and to provide proper licensing for our upcoming Palm and Pocket PC versions of MyBowlingDiary.
Our target date for implementing this change is by October 1, 2005 or to coincide with the release of MyBowlingDiary 2.0 whichever is earlier.
The license key that you receive will be a permanent, non-expiring license key that will allow you to run MyBowlingDiary as you do now, except that the license key will be validated each time you run MyBowlingDiary. You will have to enter your serial number as well as your license key the first time that you run MyBowlingDiary. The license key and serial number are both required elements and must be entered accurately. The changes you will see to overall operation are minimal, such as:
1) Message box indicating whether or not your key was valid
2) Some features of MyBowlingDiary may be disabled depending on the type of license you have. However, the functionality that you have today will not change.
3) Your serial number and your license key will be maintained in a configuration file
In preparation for this change, I am asking all customers to please do the following as soon as possible:
1) Locate your MyBowlingDiary serial number (please see below for help in locating your serial number).
2) Send an email to with the subject line "Request License Key"
You will then be sent a license key via email with instructions. You should safeguard your key once you receive it, and not give your key to anyone else. Our support staff will never ask you for your license key for any reason.
Your MyBowlingDiary serial number can be found by:
1) Running MyBowlingDiary
2) From the main menu, click "Help" and then click "About" as illustrated below:

6-22-2004 (All versions):

This is an installation issue that is documented in the README file: During installation, an error message may appear in a dialog box: “Error occurred while registering C:\Windows\System\Setup\msado25.tlb” with the choices of “Abort”, “Retry” and “Ignore”. The workaround is to click the “Ignore” button. The installation will continue without incident.

5-26-2004 (All Versions):

Microsoft recently announced a possible security vulnerability in the MS Jet 4.0 database engine (MS04-014) where a remote attacker could possibly take control of a system due to a buffer overrun. This is a component of MBD (it provides access to the Access database) but was not part of the MBD installation package. This information is provided to you as part of our ongoing support service.
We recommend the following action:
1. Review the security bulletin at
2. Check the file version of the msjet40.dll file in your \windows\system32 folder. It should be 4.0.8618.0 or higher. If it is not, you should follow the above link to get the proper update. To check the version level:
    a. Open Windows Explorer and browse to the \windows\system32 directory.
    b. Right click the msjet40.dll file and click "Properties". The version number should be at the top center of the "Version" tab.
We apologize for any inconvenience. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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